5 July 2017

Circular Blades

We focus on the constant research and development of new steels that can improve durability and strength in different applications, our blades are produced with different degrees of precision and finishing to ensure maximum performance on the type of material to be cut.

High quality vacuum heat treatments enhance the performance and durability of the blades.

The most important parameters for a blade are:

Maximum cutting edge resistance

Satisfactory tenacity

Maximum splinter resistance

Limited tolerances on thickness, flatness and parallelism

Emmebi can produce blades up to 600 mm in external diameter with surface finish and up to 420 mm in diameter with lapped finish.


Toughness Wear Resistance Graph

Commody used Knife grades for different applications:

Tool Materials Applications
AISI-D3/1.2080 Thin gauge of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
AISI-D2/1.2379 Medium gauge mild steel and thin gauge stainless steel,silicon steel, heat treated steel and thick gauges of non ferrous



Heavy gauges of stainless steel and mild steel, structural steel with high hardness where toughness is important
DIN 1.2990 Structural steel, constructional steel (with high manganese and carbon content). High Strength Material upto 1600MPa, Heat Treatable steel
DIN 1.2714 Medium and heavy gauge slitting but medium degree of toughness is required
DIN 1.2694/HPS Extra thin gauges of the very hard material like hardened stainless steel
AISI-MS/1.3343 (H.S.S.) Thin and extra thin gauges: for narrow and tight slitting with high quality of slit edge
PM Grades ASP23, 30 Better life (2x-3x) compared to Conventional HSS
Carbide CRGO, thin gauges of high tensile materials, very high tonnage between 2 regrinds

Achievable manufacturing tolerances on Knives & Metal Spacers:

OD Precision Grade Extra Precision Grade
Thickness Fatness (Within) Thickness Flatness (Within)
(in mm) Tolerance T≤2 2<T≤5 T>5 Tolerance 2<T≤5 T>5
Upto 255 ±0.003 0.1 0.040 0.010 ±0.001 0.020 0.00
255≤D≤365 ±0.004 0.1 0.050 0.015 ±0.001 0.030 0.005
365≤D<435 ±0.005 0.1 0.060 0.020 ±0.003 0.040 0.006
Above 435 ±0.006 0.1 0.070 0.025 ±0.004 0.050 0.010

General Bore Tolerance: G6, G7, H7, F7, F8

General OD Tolerance: 0/-0.02mm

*Any special tolerance for parallism, flatness and bore can be made as per customer requirement

**All the dimensions are in mm